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Whilst we have endeavored to accurately and fairly represent this service and its potential, we cannot guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques, advice and ideas contained within the materials provided. Accordingly, it should be understood that any examples or claims made  whilst believed to be true, are not a promise of earnings. The capacity to earn money through our services depends on the individual using them. This product is in no way a “get rich scheme”. The degree of success you enjoy using our services is dependent on a number of factors, including: How much time you dedicate to our teachings: The ideas, concepts, techniques and mechanisms outlined The technical state of the stock market and, or the technical state of the stock you are trading or investing Your specific financial position (and the amount with which you trade) You own knowledge and skill-set, and the way in which you interpret and employ the techniques you learn Owing to the fact that each of the elements outlined above is unique to each individual, we are unable to offer a guarantee of success or income generation. Likewise, we accept no liability for any of your actions.

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