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 #1 “Wall St. Insider” — Financial MENTOR

I teach and mentor because I  want to show you that those on Wall St. aren't as smart as you think. I am an international speaker, teacher, and investor who believes the world needs more informed stock market investors and traders.


INVESTING & TRADING for everybody

If you think a life of financial freedom is out of your reach because you don’t come from a wealthy family, have the right connections or haven’t attended a prestigious university, think again!


Wall St. Investing & Trading Secrets

I share my 15 years Wall St. experience, professional insights and approaches with you, and offer a perspective on the stock market, investing and trading that most people would never have access to otherwise.


champion for SMALLER investors and traders

 I have earned an international reputation for straight talking, simplicity, and courage and have become a passionate and outspoken champion for smaller independent investors and traders like you.


journey to financial freedom

I have shared my personal journey to financial freedom in ways that resonate with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. My teachings encourage you to become financially educated and to take an active role in investing and trading for your financial future and freedom.


keep everybody in the dark

My core principles and messages have been to give the most direct, realistic investing and trading financial education to you, and to increase investing and trading literacy. I have ignited a firestorm of criticism and ridicule from those who want to keep everybody in the dark.



 I’m your trusted and informed mentor who backsup what he says. I'm honest and straightforward with my students and audience. If my training programs aren’t right for you, I’ll say so. When mistakes happen, I take responsibility and work my socks off to make things right.


I Sell Things

I am very proud to make and sell some of the best online investing and trading programs in the world. My goal is to help you put dollars in your pocket. I want every customer to know they are aligned with some one who truly cares about their long-term success as Individuals, investors and traders



I am uncompromising in my commitment to produce the world’s best free investing and trading educational content. It’s sponsor-free and funded solely by me. Don’t hold it against me for marketing my paid training, which has cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in formal education, 15 years of Wall St. investment banking experience and years of efforts to be put together.


I don't do the ordinary 

Everything I do I aim to be world-class which means I give it 110% and then a lot more every time. I’m obsessive about exceeding expectations, delivering more than what is expected and wanting the best for you, myself and each other.


I’ve Got You

Anything I recommend is because I genuinely believe in it. I don’t make money selling other people’s programs, I am a mentor and Intend to keep it that way. You have my word: any product endorsement are always clearly disclosed.


I care for my students

I hope to bring a meaningful difference in your life, as well as making you a smarter wiser investor and trader, to that end I'm obsessive about my customer care, working responding to emails, working non-stop to make sure you know your valued as a customer, respected and appreciated.


I Give Back

When you invest in one of my training programs, you are not only helping yourself but you are also helping those who are less fortunate than myself or yourself. I regularly give to charity, its my way of making a virtues circle in which everybody wins and the world becomes a better place.



My sense of humor is just that bit different in a good way, I’m passionate and super optimistic, I take my work seriously, but not myself and that's the type community I want to build.


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