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15 year wall St. investment banker, aron eli

Shows You Exactly How To Make Money In The Stock Market Step-By-Step...

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Who Is Aron Eli

Students and friends have profited over $4,918,361

After 15 Years Working as a Wall St. Investment Banker in London, putting in the hours, the blood, sweat and tears. I learnt the best investing and trading strategies, tactics and secrets Wall St. has to offer. I worked and struggled so you don’t have too! I’ll show you exactly how to make money in the stock market and how to find the best stocks to invest and trade in.

Aron's 15 Year Wall St. Career Highlights

  • Mentored Forbes Magazine 30 under 30 Europe Finance 2018 Winner.
  • 15+ Years of Wall St. Experience
  • Global Reputation as an International Investment Banker
  • $195 Billion & $2.2 Trillion Asset/Liability Evaluation, Monitoring
  • Multi-Billion International Trading Exchange Development
  • $1 Billion Algorithmic Trading Logic Design
  • Worked with worlds best Banking Professionals who graduated from the University of Oxford & Cambridge
  • Professional and Personal Network of Wall St. Traders, Hedge Fund Managers and Brokers

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Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe finance 2018 winner

"Huss El-Sheikh"

Founder & Creator of the 1 Million More Intelligent Investors And Traders Movement

After my Wall St. career, I worked exclusively with a select number of high-net-worth private investors and traders. But, I wanted to further share my experience, insight, knowledge and information and started the 1 Million More Intelligent Investors And Traders Movements to help you become a better investor and trader. 

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